Chiropractic Testimonials

"I was under care with Dr. Valentina for a year and a half. She truly helped me manage what seemed unmanageable for so long. She helped me reduce my weekly migraines/headaches down to monthly headaches and again down to extremely rare migraines/headaches. She helped me find triggers and kept me well adjusted and ready to adapt to my daily stressors bringing these headaches on.

She knew exactly what my body needed to get back into alignment and alleviate problems I never knew I had. My headaches reduced and almost disappeared, my low back pain at the gym faded, my sleeping patterns improved, my daily focus was better, my energy increased and so much more. She kept my spine at its happiest and allowed my body to heal and adapt as it should.

Her checks and adjustments were thorough and smooth and it made me excited to go see her. She truly cares about your health and wellness and keeping you at your best to alleviate symptoms, prevent future problems, and maintain a properly functioning nervous system. I am so grateful to have been under care with her for so long."

- Michelle A.

"The exams here are extremely thorough. Everyone is so nice and caring. When I saw my X-Rays I was amazed at what had been missed my whole life. Each visit made a big difference in years of back pain!"

- Diane D.

"When I was twelve years old I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Hospital stays, doctors' appointments, strange diets, and anywhere from 9 -12 pills daily were my “norm” for roughly eleven years. I had become so accustomed to this lifestyle and the constant reminder that “I was sick” that I never thought anyone would truly help me, especially a chiropractor. I had seen three different chiropractors throughout my life for athletic purposes, but my experience with Dr. Chris was very different.

First, he told me that my body was designed to heal and that through our work together, it would do so better. Second, he actually checked my spine, which included looking at it and touching it in addition to using an instrument. I had never experienced this from any other health care provider. Third, Dr. Chris gave me hope that one day I might be able to function without depending on the hard and damaging medications I was on.

It has now been two full years since I took a pill, went to the hospital, or had a colitis flare! I couldn’t recommend Dr. Chris and Gonstead chiropractic enough. They have truly changed my life forever. Thank you so much!"

- Nicholas M.


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